New Android Game Development…

Having published KeepyUppy about a month ago, I have decided to move across to Unity.  For me, it is more convenient to design and build games with this platform than Android Studio.  I am new to coding Java and the methods for creating a game using code explicitly seems a little narrow for me.  Using Unity has broadened my skills and allowed me to be a little more creative with my ideas.  Maybe I didn’t fully verse myself with AS as I should have, but Unity seems a better fit for my skill set and so far has yielded a cleaner way to build a game

3 thoughts on “New Android Game Development…

  1. It’s been more than a year i’m coding in java and recently started python. I want to start building an app in Android Studio. I’m watching videos on android studio. I wanna know from your experience that if android studio is a good platform for a beginner like me…please share your views….:)


    1. I did start with Android Studio and found it very code intensive and the environment geared towards professionals. I managed to get My Keepy Uppy app out through AS, although moving over to Unity has been a breath of fresh air! I would say, for a beginner – try Unity first. I did it the otherway around and it was only due to following Kilobolts Zombie Bird tutorial I stuck with it.

      I would be interested to know how you get on. If I can help with any aspect let me know. Novices should help each other as its the only way I got started.

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      1. THANKS :)………………Thanks for the tip. I’m actually working on a new project on website application. I would surely let you know when i’m done:)…Sorry because i responded lately, my exams were going then:). Have a nice day


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