Core Game Mechanics

Having rushed through the first game (Keepy Uppy) this time around I have taken the time to actually develop the core principles of the game first. I am currently with a Main Menu, Level Select and Tutorial. The levels will need prototyping so to keep them fun and engaging.  I am not sure on the end goal yet or how difficult I will have the game-play.

the total time so far for development has hit about a month.  I would say around a week on checking physics due to a change of controls.  At first the app was using the built in gyro to move the “Player” around the level, this proved awkward as I found the centre of the gyro (pivot) moved if the player hit a stationery object and the user kept tilting the device in any direction.  I looked for something which could be grafted into the current game and came across a clever Joystick tutorial here  (Thanks and credit to N3K EN YouTube channel).

The best advice up to this point is to crack on with the development and really dig deep into what the code is doing and how it affects the objects and elements involved.  I kept reading “don’t spend your life reading forums, go develop”.  So I did.

the next stage for me will be to get the prototyping sketched out for level design and see if I can implement a few other features which I have my eye on. More on those another time.

Keep Developing! 🙂

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