Demo Gameplay soon…

Having battled through the last 24 hrs with some SDK issues, I have managed to recover my project back into Unity. (Basically added Facebook API and it went horribly wrong)

Fingers crossed I can get my home PC setup in a similar way.  We shall see….

I hope to have a game-play demo video uploaded to a YouTube channel (to be created).  Feedback is important and I will try to get an alpha of the game up onto the Google Play store for everyone to grab and pick apart!

3 thoughts on “Demo Gameplay soon…

    1. Thank you for the positive response! It’s a lonely world out here developing a game. And it may not even get the spread I hope it will, but for the love of sharing ideas and fun! I am about to share another game-play demo soon. Watch this space! 🙂

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      1. Sometimes i also need positive response from others when i’m doing a game or website development project, you are right it’s a lonely world. But in India male coders get more preference than female coders, which upsets me. Best of luck for your project, and i know you will accomplish your aim 🙂


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