Facebook’s SDK…

From the beginning I wanted my friends and anyone who plays my game outside of my network to be able to share scores and challenge other friends to play and beat best (previous times) times stored on any given level.

I looked at using simple URL calls to post information to a users feed but it seemed to be better (minus 304 errors) to integrate the game into the Facebook app.

Installing the SDK was not the easiest proceedure. Unity and the FB SDK seem like they are made for each other but its tricky to get Unity to import the package without errors initially.  I ended up deleting all the facebook sdk folders and uninstalling Android sdk along with java AND Unity to start afresh. It was a little painful as you can imagine…. however, once all was installed and importantly the Java variables set.  I re-imported Facebooks sdk and safe to say, its working.

There are some caveats to following online Tutorials, everyone has there own special ingredient or goto .cs script they use.  Thats fine, but it sometimes feels like I am adding more plugins and classes to the build than what I first intended. Also you have to be aware of outdated api calls!? Especially in the Facebook SDK, alot gets changed over a year or two… Still, rant over – I have been testing my Login, Share and Invites in Unity with success (albeit I think they are working?).  The true test will be once I deploy my cherrished game live to the masses! If you would like to know more about FB SDK integration I am happy to help…

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