Facebook SDK Integration (Oh the mf struggles)

Just finished messing about with Facebook’s SDK (again!).  Had it implemented and it was all dandy, except I upgraded Unity to 2017.1 and also the Facebook SDK to 7.10.

Big mistake.  Found out FB’s 7.10 SDK does not support Unity 2017.1 at present. (Very frustrating as the only way to know this is to login to facebook/Devs section for the app and goto Docs then look at the upgrade guide.  To be fair, this is a schoolboy error and really I should have known not to jump straight into a new build of both platforms.

Anyways, after a downgrade back to Unity 5.6.0f3 and FB’s 7.8 SDK – all is well with the game now.

Still a few niggles to iron out, but alas – who said developing a game was easy! 🙂

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