YouTube Channel up and running!

Hiya folks!

So, been busy this week with work (usual).  I have had time to develop the “Astroball” which has come on leaps and bound since I started (over 4 months ago?).  It has a very different look and feel now, after adding in some effects and graphics.

The game-play has changed somewhat.  I was just going to have the player roll around and collect “Bits”.  This was OK initially then after some research into what drives people to play games is satisfaction from reward.  This in-turn gave me the idea to incorporate a currency system into the game.

Unlike other mobile games with in-game currency which is used to purchase IAP (in app purchases) my idea is more simple that that.  Make it a local currency system to simply unlock more skins or Trails.  Once I have created some videos you will see what I mean.

It’s still early days and I may have IAP’s in the game as a finished piece (A dev’s gotta make a living!) but will see how the game fairs when putting it out for beta testing.

YouTube Channel is Up!

Link: SillyDev YouTube Channel

This has been a longtime coming – I have created a basic landing page for people to navigate to.  We shall see overtime what content to share with everyone, obviously demo footage first but more so – a few subscribed channels which have helped me along the way enormously! They have Patreon attached to there channels so please give them a look and donate if you feel they have helped you out.

Stay tuned for more info and this elusive game-play trailer/demo I have mentioned.  Just need to sit down and piece it all together.

Oh btw, I have 26 levels completed.  Aiming for 50 fully finished.  Then who knows after that?

Thanks for reading!


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