October Update!

Hi folks,

Been busy with lots of features and polishing the game up generally.


  • Pickups (Complete)
  • Coins (To be used to unlock Skins and Trails) (Complete)
  • 30 levels (Testing)
  • 3 Bonus levels (Undecided if to add one or two more)
  • Screenshot Share feature (Complete)
  • Online Leader-board (Testing)
  • Shop
  • Timetweaks (In-game feature to increase or decrease timer)
  • “Death Zones” (Antimatter)
  • Gyro/Joystick control
  • Lefty or Righty configuration for the Joystick & Jump buttons
  • Flexible Draggable UI components (User can customise the UI by dragging with finger)

Incomplete or to be integrated:

  • IAP’s (Not integrated)
  • In-game AD’s (Not integrated)
  • Additional levels as updates (Incomplete)
  • Additional Skins
  • 3D light effect Trails (Incomplete)

I have had the game in Alpha testing for just over a month and the feedback has been extremely positive especially the UI customise feature which was mentioned, and relatively quick to integrate!


I hope to have the game at a working Beta stage before November and production release ready in time for the holidays & Christmas.

Thanks for following me and hope to have some more information to share soon!


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