Happy Halloween Update!

Been working hard to get the game finished.

Slight oversight – my initial plan was to serve up a 50 custom level game.  I decided to move my back-end from Gamesparks to Playfab as per an asset I purchased which suggested to use this service (Facebook Leader-board Asset).

Not that it was anyone’s fault per’se.  I just hadn’t checked out the service fully and with that, had not realised until going to add multiple leaderboards one day and finding I was capped to 25 with the free package that I had signed up to.

Just means that this game will be slightly shorter than anticipated but it means I have cut down the development time by half as I was aiming at a new year release for AstroBall.

In-turn, with the cut down in levels I have switched to include a few extra bonus levels instead which do not require a Leader-board function.

Recent Updates:

  • Menu Music control – Music Volume/Sfx Volume with play next random track button. ( I was going to leave this option out to keep things simple, but upon a re-visit – it seemed practical especially as I had advertised a bespoke Royalty free soundtrack included in the game)
  • Saving menu choices across the game
  • End Scene
  • Pause menu updated and polished
  • Removal of unwanted/unused scripts

Finishing up:

  • Final level
  • Credits
  • IAP (?)
  • Testing full game
  • Release update to Beta Testers (Moved from Alpha)
  • Final Polish

If my calculations are right? I have been developing this game for around six months.  From a novice to semi competent developer – very pleased.

Release window – Christmas! Bar any unforeseen issues…

I have other ideas in the pipeline for my next game.

Stay tuned!




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