IAP’s – Pitfalls and Decisions


I decided to integrate IAP’s which depending on how you go about it can either make or break a game.

A couple of Alpha testers who have been downloading the updates as I get them ready have been great in feeding back advice and being critical where I need it.  They will get full accreditation when the game goes into a “Production” release.

IAP’s I thought were going to a nightmare to setup, luckily there are quite a few tutorials on the internet and I would like to especially thank “N3K” for his very thorough and crisp guides on how to implement just about any extra feature you can think off!

Check out his YouTube Channel – here.

Check out N3K’s IAP In-App Purchase (IAP) – Unity 3D[Tutorial][C#] – here.

(The game is currently on the Google Play store but hidden for Alpha testing and developing.)


  • In-App Purchases (Complete)
  • IAP Testing (Self purchase via private account) (Complete/Successful 99p deduction paid back into my merchant account)
  • Shop Buttons added (100 Astrocoins/200 Astrocoins, respectively)
  • Moved the Playercontroller to adjust for UI elements
  • Volume slider bug (fixed)
  • Fixed Updating of currency display
  • Finished Final level (added all coins and pickups)

As you can imagine, pushing for a Christmas release with a Beta to got through before hand is meaning more updates and increased workload. Bug fixing is a continuous thing at the moment – swat one, up pops another!

the game looks and feels much better than it did from the first video demo game-play feature I showcased a few weeks back.  The full play through’s are due this week by myself – “Can I complete all the levels?”, we’ll see.

I am slowly seeing the daylight for the release!

Thank you for reading…



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