Final Touches

Releasing an an app is not easy.  Especially for a first timer, and a newcomer to coding with C#.

It’s the time taken to learn a snippet of code and how it works then find you could do it a number of different ways and then it makes you question the build of the game – and we are talking major decisions which were an oversight when adding the structure to the game.

For example:  Added a shop and a way for the player to select the colour tiles and trail tiles to then unlock/purchase those with in-game coins (Astrocoins).  Subsequently this then turned into a bigger thing once I let my wife play the game!  To be fair to my wife she pointed out something which is always the same for anything you have slaved over – I had blinkers on.  My wife had showed me that while using the shop, it would be nice to see what the colours/skins etc looked like before purchasing.  Seemed a straight forward request, but then it got me thinking, “what else have I over looked?”.

Play testing is massively important – I mean so much so, that if you release the game and have not played it thoroughly you could say you are opening yourself up to obviously criticism.  I have had two testers (four including myself and my wife) go through different iterations of the game which have led me to refine and re-code some parts, I would say, for the better definitely.  There are some areas where I have had to simplify it as it was getting beyond the scope of what I had in mind.

You could forever add extra parts to something but you have to know when enough is enough and get the thing finished.  Goals are the cornerstone of setting yourself achievable milestones.  I have a goal for Christmas release but with each week passing by I am now thinking of new year (as previously stated).


  • Shop selections (Preview materials and textures)
  • Facebook Hash issues
  • Switched App to public facing on Facebook developer site
  • Android Launch Checklist half complete (More guide than anything)
  • Google Badge created

The above updates are more minor updates than big code/game changes.

After all this work for say six months – I may not get any installs nor make any money but I can say for sure, it has been an eye opener and can attest as to probably needing another pair of hands! I am not the fastest at coding but this trip has meant I now have basic tools and knowledge of how to design, create and publish a working game of my own.

Thanks for following me and my journey!


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