AstroBall has Launched!

AstroBall – The simple, casual puzzler has launched!

It is based loosely on the Roll-a-Ball demo you get to go through when starting to learn Unity coding.  I took this and looked at what others had done to it and found some interesting alternatives and a blatant rip-offs trying to cash-in.


I thought, how could I make this game appealing to the casual gamer and include some bespoke elements which let the player customise the play experience.

A long road travelled with lots of ups and downs for sure, but incredibly satisfying at the end.  It is not for the faint hearted! – You have to have the will and determination to follow it through to the end.  As I read in other blogs from hobbyist like me, there are days when you really need to pick yourself up and dust off any problems and start either from scratch or take a different approach.


The design has changed massively over the course of the last 3 months.  Especially when I took on two Alpha testers.  They gave me some perspective on how other people see and play the game which I had not taken into account, the look and feel of it, sections which were overblown and un-needed.  With this, I managed to streamline the code down and remove unnecessary objects or code to make the back-end and the overall experience fresher, neat and more enjoyable.


I hope you will take the time to visit the Android store and check out AstroBall.  It is available for FREE now, so head on over and see what you think? “Can you complete all the levels?”




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