New Game Update

Been busy of late with work but also managed to fit in time to add some extra features and game play modes to “FruitCatch” –  “Timed”, “Infinite”, “FruitCatch”.

The game is simple – use two buttons (left and Right) to move the “catcher” or hole as it designed to collect/catch the correct fruit falling from the top of the screen.

Sounds simple enough but I have added logic into the game to create a level of difficulty.  take the Orange which is the main collectable.  the timed level is all about collecting the Orange to fill a gauge on the left hand side of the screen which in turn (upon filling it up) gives you extra time!  The Infinite level has something similar but instead of time it slows the drop rate down.  The good thing with the Infinite level is if you don’t manage to collect the Orange repeatedly – the drop rate increases thus in-turn making it gradually harder to collect the correct fruit!  But if you manage to successfully fill the gauge up, it reduces the drop rate so you can carry on, so on and so forth.

It’s been tricky trying to tailor the right drop rate and the ideal amount which to fill up the gauge everytime a correct fruit is collected.

This is the script:

using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;

public class Collecting : MonoBehaviour
public static Collecting Instance;
public GameObject TimeAdded;
public GameObject ExtraTimetext;
public Outline outline;
public Color tempColor;
public Color originalColor;
public Image ProgressBar;

private void Start()

public void doProgressBar()
ProgressBar.fillAmount += 0.055f;

if(ProgressBar.fillAmount == 1 && TimerControl.Instance.time >= 0)
TimerControl.Instance.time += 55;
ProgressBar.fillAmount = 0.050f;
outline.effectColor = tempColor;


private IEnumerator resetExtraTimetext()
yield return new WaitForSeconds(1f);
outline.effectColor = originalColor;

It’s simple enough but play testing has given me the feel for how fast the drop rate should be vs the amount you get for collecting the Orange (which triggers the gauge to increase)

I could easily have it so that other fruit bring the gauge down for example? this is something I am toying with at the moment.  Adding events which create a difficulty are what drives games fundamentally.  If you cannot keep the player thinking “I must do better” or “I can achieve a better score” you may be heading down a boring path. But conversely you don’t want to make the game too hard that you turn people off.

it’s a fine line, but that is where alpha/beta testing comes in handy!

I have been playing the game along with my Wife and my daughter! So I have a real mix of people telling me what there thoughts are on the development so far.

I should have a new video available soon and screens on the game as it stands, which is looking good after some tweaks on the code to make it runs smoother.

Thanks for coming by…


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