Photon Networking

Ok, so you may have thought, “how do I get two devices to connect to each other? and handle multiplayer gaming?”

Well, luckily Photon Networking is available to handle all the back-end and make your job of implementing connectivity between devices/users/gamers that much easier.

I decided to try and add or retro engineer turn-based multiplayer into my latest project.  there does not seem an abundance of specifically tailored tutorials to fit what I was wanting.  Multiple players take control (takeover) the ownership of an object/button or whatever and take turns playing? The game is a take on the old classic “Kerplunk”.  If you have seen the previous posts about my new game, you already know how it is played and setup for two players to interact with each other on the same device (pass & play).  this is great if you have a friend, girlfriend, wife! whatever suits to play with. But what if you wanted to open the game and play the game only on your phone and take turns with another player while they use their device? Well, Photon Networking enables you to do this.  The free package has a CCU limit of 20 users (Concurrent Users) this means, it is great for demo purposes or even straight up production roll out, keeping in mind you would only need to upscale the back end subscription service to match the amount of players you will (hopefully?!) gain through distributing the game on Google Play for example.

The premise is great but I wanted to know how easy it would be to insert this code into my game. Well, it wasn’t easy per’se but following “First Gear Games” tutorials on YouTube – I managed to rig it all together – following this tutorial meant I learnt the build process from a granular code size right up to how it all worked together with my current code.

I highly recommend following the guy over on First Gear Games – very knowledgeable and he delivers the tutorials in an easy to understand format.

I am still working through it and tailoring the tutorial to fit my game, so it may well be a while longer until I am ready to show a release or even something resembling multiplayer…

Thanks, have a nice day!


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