Discord Radio Bot (Host Offline/Online)

So you manage a Discord server and have thought about creating/ using a bot to either greet or even stream media?

Well, I though the same thing and decided to jump in and give it a go.  Turns out, after alot of trial and error, it is possible to create, design and code a bot to run either from you home PC or an online repo/server.

The guides I used were:

https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/how-to-make-a-discord-bot/ – This and this link: https://github.com/amishshah/discord.js-guide/blob/master/getting-started/installing-discordjs-windows.md – to effectively install all the prerequisites to run node and deploy the bot.

Once you have run through the above links/guides and have the bot running successfully, you can try your hand at moving the bot to an online repository (this saves you from leaving your PC switched on and CMD prompt running constantly!)

To host Online:

https://anidiots.guide/other-guides/hosting-on-glitch – This gives you the basics for hosting online.

All the above will take time – I promise you though, with some effort and tenacity, you will get the bot running.

I have my forked version of the bot up on Github for you to copy and develop further if you wish. Feel free to take a look: https://github.com/CookieG/Discord-Radio-Bot-UK

Happy coding and forking! (lol)





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