New Release ! “DDoS” Tower Defense Game

Feature Graphic 1024x500

Hey everyone, just released a game called “DDoS”. Tower Defense style game. Defend, Upgrade, Mitigate and Attack against waves of enemies. Available now for FREE on Google Play!

Link: DDoS – The Game – Free to Play (No intrusive ads)

Like to mention , hope your side game is coming along nicely? Jojje is an ex-Battlefield Producer who has a Jump kings style game in the works and was kind enough to give me a twitter boost when I released my latest game. Check him out on titter along with his own startup studio games company.

Out of Development!

Managed to get this little app out the door and compiled in-line with the new 64Bit native requirement for Google Play.  If you are struggling to get an app published especially the upload of a dual native .apk/.aab then make sure you have the latest android_ndk installed. Simply download the NDK from Google and extract the folder to:

C:\Users\[me]\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\android-ndk-r16b (r16b, being my choice of NDK version level currently – i think it is at r19b now?)


And if using Unity3D as your IDE – in Build settings, goto “other” and tick ARMv7, ARM64 and x86 if you wish to have native code available on all these chip sets.


When you are ready to build the app, make sure you tick “Build App Bundle (Google Play). Then build that sucker! If all goes well, you now end up with an optimised .aab file along with a symbols zip file. The .aab now replaces the apk file you would have uploaded to the Google Play Console.

Hope you are all wonderful today, and best of luck with those developments! Let me know if you have any projects in the pipeline…

For now, a cup of tea and legs up with some tunes!


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