August Update 2019


Hi Everyone!

The august Update for the game “DDoS” (Available on GooglePlay) has gone live:

Release notes:

  • Amended Hub Menu options to display correctly within the bounds of screen.
  • Swapped out the Server Model in the Hub Menu for a better detailed model.
  • UI Tweaks
  • General Bug Fixes

As some of the Query and Research options were quite difficult to obtain without a substantial amount of game play, the ability to unlock and use these has been adjusted (easier to obtain).

  • Snoop – Loot Cost 20 Drivers Licenses (was 50)
  • Logged – Ethereum Cost 30 / Loot Cost 100 (was 200 / 175)
  • Harvest – Ethereum Cost 80 / Loot Cost 250 (was 500 / 350)
  • Brute Force – Ethereum Cost 0 / Loot Cost 250 (was 1000 / 1000)
  • Shot Upgrade – Loot Cost 80 IP Addresses (was 350 Credit Cards)
  • Shock Wave – Loot Cost 300 Passwords (was 250)


  • Additional Query (Research) options
  • Additional Enemies
  • Updated animations to Enemies

As always, please feel free to contact me with any ideas or suggestions.

Thank You!


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