It’s been a while!

To the few that do follow my blog, I thank you firstly for being patient.

I have been busy as usual trying to balance work vs personal.  Work took priority as it pays the bills.  Moving on, I had time in-between the cracks to use my knowledge gained over the last few years of game design to create something which I am tentatively please with.

This is my first foray into a PC platform build.  My five other games which consist of ‘Astroball’, ‘DDoS’, ‘FruitCatch’, ‘Plunk’ and ‘TwistNFall’ were all completely different types of game (best performing of these being DDoS with a lifetime install base of over 1,300 and currently sitting on over 150 devices with only 10-15 active users a month).

These apps together with the experience of delivering an app to market,  I felt ready to give making a fully fledged PC title a go.  This is a LTS (Long Term Support) title with the aim of it releasing when it is ready.  This gives me quite bit of flexibility to play around with it and tweak it in any shape, form I desire.  This comes with negatives, especially if you have no target date of release, this can cause periods of non-development and drive can drop off intermittently.  I have a Trello board to keep myself engaged and moving towards small goals.  Currently updating it about once a fortnight.

Progress is slow, but meaningful.  Anything showcased is always liable to change.

Polygon Pilgrimage

I have to give mention to a Discord group which has been fantastic as a base camp for knowledge and help with anything coding (Unity3D) or when showcasing snippets of game-play to get feedback and comments, suggestions for improvement.

Website: The Polygon Pilgrimage

Patreon Site: Polygon Pilgrimage

Matt Parkin who runs all the community stuff is a fantastic developer, Teacher and Provider of ALOT of free content and support for all your game developing needs. Definitely give the links a click and check him and the community out.

Below are some screenshots of my currently in-development game called “CyberCraft” (Loving named by my wife. Thank you, love you!)

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