SillyGames Facebook Dev Group

Hi, Created a simple group on Facebook for any questions relating to coding, game design, Unity in general but most of all, networking – engaging with others to connect like minded individuals with each other! Take a look here regards, SillyDev

Localisation (switching languages)

If you have managed to muddle through making an app and getting it up on the Google console you may have noticed the tips and sections on adding different languages for store listings. This should be possible by adding a localisation Manager and supporting scripts to your project. Unity have a very good Tutorial on […]

New Year New Game

After a very long development time for my first game. I took some time to think about my next project.  My new project (DropCatch) [WIP] is coming along nicely.  It has two controls and the aim of the game is to catch/collect the correct item (currently fruit).  It just works, is easy to pickup and […]

AstroBall has Launched!

AstroBall – The simple, casual puzzler has launched! It is based loosely on the Roll-a-Ball demo you get to go through when starting to learn Unity coding.  I took this and looked at what others had done to it and found some interesting alternatives and a blatant rip-offs trying to cash-in. I thought, how could […]

Preparing to Launch!

Coming round to a final production release.  It has been a long road and lots of discoveries with a few frustrations thrown in too.  I have a stable version running, had to re-jig the code in places especially the scoreboard system. After eventually settling for a work around and then managing to cram Google Play […]

Final Touches

Releasing an an app is not easy.  Especially for a first timer, and a newcomer to coding with C#. It’s the time taken to learn a snippet of code and how it works then find you could do it a number of different ways and then it makes you question the build of the game […]