Photon Networking

Ok, so you may have thought, “how do I get two devices to connect to each other? and handle multiplayer gaming?” Well, luckily Photon Networking is available to handle all the back-end and make your job of implementing connectivity between devices/users/gamers that much easier. I decided to try and add or retro engineer turn-based multiplayer […]

New Game Update

Been busy of late with work but also managed to fit in time to add some extra features and game play modes to “FruitCatch” –  “Timed”, “Infinite”, “FruitCatch”. The game is simple – use two buttons (left and Right) to move the “catcher” or hole as it designed to collect/catch the correct fruit falling from […]

SillyGames Facebook Dev Group

Hi, Created a simple group on Facebook for any questions relating to coding, game design, Unity in general but most of all, networking – engaging with others to connect like minded individuals with each other! Take a look here regards, SillyDev

Localisation (switching languages)

If you have managed to muddle through making an app and getting it up on the Google console you may have noticed the tips and sections on adding different languages for store listings. This should be possible by adding a localisation Manager and supporting scripts to your project. Unity have a very good Tutorial on […]