New Year New Game

After a very long development time for my first game. I took some time to think about my next project.  My new project (DropCatch) [WIP] is coming along nicely.  It has two controls and the aim of the game is to catch/collect the correct item (currently fruit).  It just works, is easy to pickup and […]

AstroBall has Launched!

AstroBall – The simple, casual puzzler has launched! It is based loosely on the Roll-a-Ball demo you get to go through when starting to learn Unity coding.  I took this and looked at what others had done to it and found some interesting alternatives and a blatant rip-offs trying to cash-in. I thought, how could […]

Preparing to Launch!

Coming round to a final production release.  It has been a long road and lots of discoveries with a few frustrations thrown in too.  I have a stable version running, had to re-jig the code in places especially the scoreboard system. After eventually settling for a work around and then managing to cram Google Play […]

Final Touches

Releasing an an app is not easy.  Especially for a first timer, and a newcomer to coding with C#. It’s the time taken to learn a snippet of code and how it works then find you could do it a number of different ways and then it makes you question the build of the game […]

IAP’s – Pitfalls and Decisions

I decided to integrate IAP’s which depending on how you go about it can either make or break a game. A couple of Alpha testers who have been downloading the updates as I get them ready have been great in feeding back advice and being critical where I need it.  They will get full accreditation […]

Happy Halloween Update!

Been working hard to get the game finished. Slight oversight – my initial plan was to serve up a 50 custom level game.  I decided to move my back-end from Gamesparks to Playfab as per an asset I purchased which suggested to use this service (Facebook Leader-board Asset). Not that it was anyone’s fault per’se.  […]